** this is a test run to see if I can just write without freaking out about it being public. it’s going to be a disaster and my immaturity in writing will most likely show …

“What are you doing?” came her soft whisper from the side of the room where their bed was. She heard the soft rustle of the bed sheet as her partner made her way to the corner where she was working.
It was four am and the time slipped by into the shadows of their room. Mere seconds ago it seemed she was being urged to come to bed and rest.
But she couldn’t rest.
A mess of detail was convoluting her sleep and urged to stay up and examine photos she was sent.
Photos she wasn’t supposed to see but that was sent to her at the office.
Gruesome details of a wood find the cops had come upon.
She closed the files that were open. Careless, she thought to herself and she shielded her partner from seeing the massacre in front of her: the ripped clothing, broken limbs, dried remains of decay, hair knotted looking like a dead rodent.
“Just finishing up some work for the morning. i didn’t realize it was already so late.” Gritting her teeth she feigned a false tiredness. Really she had an anxious knot in her.
“So late? It’s the next day.” She let a sigh escape as slender fingers wrapped around the back of her head. Turning, she rested her head against the soft belly of her partner and allowed her body to fall into synch with the rhythm of her breath. With the slow rise and fall of her stomach she closed her eyes. But she also couldn’t rid herself of the plagued thought that we all carried with us a nightmare and she was converging on the genesis to which they were created.
At least she thought she did but for now, Solace would be her sanctity for the next few hours of furtive sleep.
Her warmth pulled her back into a slumber and as she slipped off into the golden morning haze she felt her heart quicken as she remembered the details in the pictures she was looking at. There was something hidden in the photographs, something she was missing.

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