you as the sun

Her glow draws out the chocolate brown specks from my iris and my pupils dilate to adjust to her mystical show. Photoreceptor cells converting light into images I admit I cannot turn away. She’s beautiful … and I stand in awe of her glory.

The optic nerves transmits the visual information from my eyes to my brain and I stand still as if moving would change everything I am witness to. I know she sees me watching her and she doesn’t disappoint. She continues to swell into the horizon and I watch as her gown changes color. Her oranges and reds sweep across the plains of her playground contrasting the greens and yellows.

I embrace her warmth and hold onto it as hard as I can. I let her fill me up and my face turns up to meet her gaze. I love the world from her viewpoint. Where I am standing everything seems to be as it should be.



And I feel alive again.

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