the colour orange

She let the orange peelings fall to the crunchy surfaced snow and she examined the contrast of colors at her feet. Tilting her head to the side she made her way around the ragged but beautiful orange edged lines and escaped into the tiny continent. A dismissive curled mixture from the white underside of the peels to the orange landscaped tops that made up the uninterrupted fantasy land of her own.

Against the crisp untouched white of snow the land mass was tiny but it was enough to sustain her soul for the bit of time needed to sort out the webbed strings of thoughts in her mind. Strings like that of the membraned pieces of fleshy fruit she was holding. With her fingers she peeled away the thin whitish lines from the wedges and let them fall next to the peelings. It felt cathartic to rid herself of the mess she had created in her subconscious. The peeling away of the membrane was as if she was sheathing a layer of skin off of her worn body. It was as if she was cleansing her soul and mind of the molds that grew into her life.

She bent her thumb back and forth causing the teardropped fleshy pieces to separate. She felt a few pieces fall out of her grasp and she let out a small sigh for some battles just weren’t as important as others. Thus she held on to the teardrop that was between her fingertips and carefully rolled it between her thumb and middle finger caressing it and ensuring it wouldn’t give way under the pressure she exerted. It was velvety and soft, malleable and giving … she mindlessly smiled at the bit of color she held on to.

The smaller sigh led the way to a larger lung engulfing breath of winter air mixed with the fragrance of the fruit. Closing her eyes she let the warm orange fragrance enter her system and she let her breathing turn back to normal.

Looking back down at her feet, the orange wrinkled continent was beginning to form a white crust around it’s edges and she knew that soon it would be covered in the frost that was inviting itself to her creation. It was okay to let go this time and as she started to walk away she felt reassured that everything would be better this time around.

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