that summer storm

It looked as if the horizon in the far eastern section of the sky was on fire. Every thirty to sixty seconds it lit up a hot burgundy enveloping as much area around it as possible. From where she stood she could tell that She was angry about something within the plains. The air offered no explanation but an eerie warm sticky calm had settled in the atmosphere thus causing a unsettling feeling to start build within her.

She knew she couldn’t turn away from the message She was sending to her this time. Squinting she watched in defiance and breathed in the air to her lungs. She wasn’t going to be afraid this time, she wasn’t going to run and leave everything behind.

Oxygen reached her blood cells and caused them to reverberate inside her. As the strength inside her started to build so did the clouds. They started out as wisps and as they started to build in their stature her vertebrae locked and took on the form of an organic brace. She stood taller and with more force if She was going to bring a storm she would be ready.

The horizon still burst into flames and as the shots went through the sky she watched in awe and felt enlivened by Her energy. It was as if she wasn’t the enemy after all but a force buttressing her own spirit.

The sky overhead was darkened and she felt the first drops of rain fall against her face. She dropped her sweater to the ground, turned her face to the heavens and waited for the inevitable.

In a few minutes it was pouring. Freezing, hard, almost painful raindrops beat against her frame. Not bending to Her nature she maintained her position and soaked it all in. She was invigorating, powerful, and cathartic. She knew She needed the shock to her system. She knew she needed the wake up.

The sounds of the thunder provided a soundtrack to what was happening inside her and she recognized the beat. She had heard it before a long time ago. The fighter was still there, still living inside her. She greeted Her with open arms and this time vowed she would never allow Her to slip away again…never again.

Slowly the rain started to subside and she bowed her head. Emotionally and physically exhausted she knelt to the wet grass and put her forehead to the ground.

Looking up to the east she saw a clearing in the sky. The familiar tones of the blues and violets were returning and the red flashes were finished. In the vast darkness she started to see the stars peering down at her again with understanding.

A cosmic understanding had taken place, she knew She had given her the stern talking to she needed to move forward. She would never forget that conversation and the gift she was given.

The sky was back to it’s jewel encrusted canvass.

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