Right now if you were to mimic the sounds I find comforting I would let you. Simply to allow them to seep into my into pores, enrich my blood cells and soak to the marrow of my bones. It is human to take these sounds for granted, it is also human for us to take silence for granted. We never think about silence, just her sister sound.

I find myself walking through a brand new silence and It is a wonderful but lonely concentration. From an accumulation of all the quiet I have come to witness thus far, it is knowledge to leave everything undisturbed as if nothing happened. Nothing ever did, nothing was disturbed, nothing was moved. I would like to believe that not even time moved.

Just stillness for eternity.
Just silence for eternity.

Likened to that of water right before the loon calls out across it’s body. Just as the mist just begins to glide across it and touch it’s surface with it’s cool breathe. And when you are standing there staring at it, lost in thought, you are not even aware that you are breathing. In that instant the other half of the planet is counting twinkling stars in the sky. And maybe those stars are really the eyes to someone’s soul.

But silence is selfish it grasps you by the throat and won’t let go until it’s ready to give in or you pull away with guilt. It just happens all at once without cause or reason. It envelopes you quickly, and wholly until at last It’s suffocation in the end.

I would rather a new sound enter. One that could send me away to experience the vibrations of the earth humming under my feet. Their vibrations could force their way up the roots of the trees causing their bark to crack and split into a million different dirt encrusted highways. Their powers to be released through their glorious muddy paths thus reaching to the changing hues of the sky.

And I can wait for a new sound to come to me, for something to awaken me even more than before. I can wait for silence to be forgiving and kind. But I don’t want to, I’ve been silent for so long and it’s suffocating. And also, because it’s lonely when you realize that the sound of the geese above you can be the most joyous and the most depressing at the same time.

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