Red Flower – Poem/Eulogy for Bella I love and miss you everyday my dear sister.

Sturgeon Lake Trees

Sturgeon Lake Trees

The tree line cut crude jagged edges into your horizon
Emphasizing how the darkness would overtake the day
And to your fields of the greenest green
The clouds snuck hastily away
And at a jilted forty five they hush whispered a soft, lonely good-bye

I’ll remember the highest of the evergreen
As the little one clung to her ancestor tree
Somewhere along the way it snapped in two
And revealed it’s beautiful, splintered insides to me and you

I counted the black, glassy creeks
Tucked in-between the thin sticks of the poplar tree
And I imagined their waters
Carrying your freedom out to the wide open blue seas

“Look for me in the flying things
And be not sad for me
I do not hurt
I can now see
This bevy of beauty ahead of me …”

And we learn the hardest things pertain nothing to us. It was writing my close friend’s eulogy that brought me down to earth, it was placing her eagle feather on the staff for the murdered women that kept me grounded but I had never cried so hard in my life. Some days it’s hard, but we carry those we love inside us and that is where they live.

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