the little people

The darker, green underbelly of a leaf provided shade from the solars above. It had a perfect, point annexed by broad, sweeping sides. And with this point it bowed down and thus, kissed the soil. The cool dirt, rich with traces of worm, bug, and root, wiggled it’s way between her toes and hilled up around her heels. Nourishment. As she edged closer to the pathway ahead she could feel the cool giving way to warmth upon her feet.

She raised the leaf up and let the rays sear her delicate film of skin and beat down into her soul. Her heart hurt knowing the creatures that had no protection or shelter from the elements. They didn’t have any way of being saved like she did.

Peering up she noticed the leaves stamping their patterns on the pathway below. Small, perfect splats of darkness lay before her feet and she hopped from one stamp mark to the next ensuring she didn’t touch any gold part of the pathway.

She knew the wise ones were watching her at play. They swayed their leaves a bit more to their merriment. Encouraging her to go faster and float lightly. She giggled for they were playful and always deep within their roots. She thought maybe they may have witnessed the first big sunrise and harvest moon. Fable or myth, It made her walk light knowing they would be there the next morning and always in the evening at her return.

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