portrait of you

Out there is a face which you build your dreams on. A soft porous surface which makes you want to run your fingertips over. You can’t wait for the day when you can trace it to your memory as if it were a braille created just for you. It is your vision of beauty that you know already…you know it like the day you first saw him.

Could you ever forget that day when you were walking by yourself through the park across the baseball diamond? You were scuffing your new sneakers into the red slate stone. Your grey hoodie was reminiscent of the good old eighties it even had the white ties with the plastic ends that you chewed on. Your hands were shoved into the depths of your jeans pockets and they were died a dark dark indigo blue.

Lost in your own thoughts you look up.

He is standing at the fence, his fingers grasping through diamond shaped metal and he is staring at you. Heart stopping aquas bright from the sea invite you to his person and as you approach you see lines traced across the canvass of his face thus turning it from a whole into sections. Sections that will forever be in your mind because his segmented portrait makes you hesitate for a moment.

The moment adds up and as you stand there separated by a cold, wiry, metal fence you know that time nor distance will never erase what has just occurred. The moment stays with you and the person forever changing your life even though it was unintentional and neither of you knew it.

You find yourself walking down lonely streets and you see kites flying in the distance, bicycles slipping past, bubbles floating by you’re searching for that familiarity in diamond shaped metal fences and in any pair of aqua marine eyes. You just want to believe that when you walk up to the fence and put your fingers on the holed surface that he is on the other side doing the same with his hands providing the warmth you seek within the damp coolness of the air around you.

The cooler winds and grey skies always make things seem much more desolate

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