Out of the warmth of the womb and into the abnormal cold airs of the world Infant is born. She keeps her eyes tightly shut. It’s as if she knows something Elders don’t. As if even sneaking a peek will ruin her dreamt up world from the one she already knew.

She whispers it from her tiny, ruby, pursed lips. She will keep her eyes shut still but maintain a composed peacefulness about her facial features making note of a patience of seeing.

“Don’t spoil it … not yet.”

Shadows move lightly in front of her eyelids teasing them, begging them.

“Please open your eyes. Witness now.”

Words of encouragement to lift and bat her lightly, frailed lashes.

“Not yet”

A whisper back as the eyes loll about behind the closed lids as if they were waiting for the right moment to open and grasp the perfect rays.

The Shadows continue to dance and make merry casting light in her direction coaxing the eyelids to flutter in response to their beckoning.

Impatiently waiting, cautiously holding it’s breath and mystically calling to the inner workings of sight.

“I want to be loved by the sun” she says to the Shadows dictating they would no longer be allowed in her life any longer.

“It is a gift we give to you. ‘Tis time for you to open your eyes and see the world now. You have had near a year in darkness with only sound to guide you and soft song in the near distance. It is safe and the world is ready for you to see the beauty she holds. Do not be afraid. Embrace this light we give to you.”

Infant smiles knowing what Shadow says to be true, something within her trusts him. Taking in a breath, as much as her tiny lungs could hold, she attempts to lift her lids which were heavy from the time spent closed.

Shadows dance in front of her as if their movements would stimulate her muscles to respond and allow their gift to be given to her. Eyelids twitching faster they notice and in revelry they dance faster.

A small amount of light catches her view and she lets out a small sound in awe. On cue the morning rays enter with the glow of reds, oranges, yellows with hints of pink leftover as if to add just a dash of magic for Infant.

Wider she opens her eyes and she lets in the softness of the light as it came cascading across her vision.

Her lashes wet with tears she welcomes the brightness of the rays and lays bearing witness to the Light which Shadow had promised.

Blinking she let out a sigh and then closed her eyes back shut.

To her it was a long tiresome journey to take the step she did.

Infant was grateful for the eternal gift from Shadow.

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