It’s glow was brighter and It seemed closer this time of year. She loved how It kept her company on her midnight walks and how nothing could interfere with them … until now.

There he had appeared one night, sitting as if It belonged to him. His silhouette distorting the shadows that projected to the surface she tread upon. It angered her that he had staked claim to the only thing she treasured most. He callously swung his booted foot back and forth leaving ugly stains on It’s surface. He kept on kicking at the edge and she was frightened that he might damage It.

She could hear him whistling a careless tune above her head and she tried to cusp her ears as to block out the noise. Still she could hear his monotone reverberate inside of her skull thus making her ill.

“Well?! Are you coming down any time soon?! It’s not just yours you know! You do have to share!” She yelled as loud as she could and made sure he acknowledged her over his whistling.

Peering down at her through green hued eyes he felt the urge to laugh.

“Nope. Not ’til I get the incline to I won’t! I quite like it up here all by myself thank you very much!” He smiled slyly down at her.

“Bloody nerve!” She kicked the dirt around her causing a mini dust storm.

He laughed at her tantrum as he easily could have slipped off of the ledge and hopped onto Venus just a bit away but he rather enjoyed watching her torment.

“Why does it bother you so?”

“Well It’s prettier without you in it to be honest.”

“Prettier? Why it’s nothing but a rock here I’ll show you.”

“Oh no! Please don’t hurt It. I don’t need to see anything really!”

With her last syllable he kicked the side of It causing a few fragments to break off. She watched through hurt eyes as he gathered up the broken rock, slipped off of the ledge and fell to her.

“Here let me show you.”

“I don’t want to look.”

“Well you might as well so I can show you that what you think is up there isn’t what you think it is at all.”

He angrily tried to place a piece of the rock in her hands and in response she quickly drew them back to herself.

She squished her eyes tightly shut so she wouldn’t have to see him close nor see what he had possessed in his grasp.

“I won’t look…I’m NOT looking. You can’t ruin someone’s dreams you can’t.”

Disgusted he shook her causing her to start to cry. Letting out an disgruntled moan he let go of her frame and watched her in exasperation.

“Stop crying.”

She continued to cry.

Now nervous he helplessly reached out to calm her down.

Backing away she fell to the dirt and kept on crying.

Sighing he knelt down beside her and calmly took her hands in his.

“Please look. I brought it down just for you.”

“You broke It. You broke It without any care or thought at all. It’s not just yours. You can’t just take something for yourself and do with it what you please.” She choked out between gasps of air and bouts of tears cascading down her flushed cheeks.

He felt his heart sink well into his stomach. Looking into his hands he saw the piece of rock he had brought down. It was rough, misshapen, and colorless. Nothing at all mystical or magical. Nothing that any girl would want at least not this mess in front of him. Looking up he asked for permission from the Cosmos and when granted he started to move the rock between his hands.

“Are you sure you don’t want to see part of it at least?” She looked up at him and saw that the malice had gone from his face and was replaced with a kindness she wasn’t sure really existed until that moment.

She nodded her head in approval as he shuffled closer to her.

“Well you have to close your eyes and hold out your hand.”

Doubtfully she looked into his face searching for signs of deception and in return he gave a small smile.

Trusting him she closed her eyes and slowly lifted up her palms to him.

A second later she felt something cool and smooth drop into her hands.

She opened her eyes to see a small, dark green tinted glassy ball in the middle of her hand. She looked up to thank him but saw that he had disappeared. She turned around but noticed no movement within the air about her or in the distance.

Looking back down she let the ball run smoothly across the palm of her hand and smiled.

Emerald green.


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