She inhaled through circled lips and made a vacuum sound while sliding her shoe slowly forward. Looking down she could see the translucency of the ice and could hear it ominously cracking. She estimated It was more fragile than her light frame could put pressure upon.

Her heart was beating furiously against her rib cage and she almost wanted it to burst through so she could breathe again. Instead, going against her thoughts, it beat harder and faster. She figured she would throw up any time now.

Petrified and watering eyes were pleading with the heavens above. She wanted to grasp hold onto the star on the right and never let go … its light seemed to hold the most strength which is what she needed now.

“You can save yourself” the Wind whispered. It curled itself around her slender shoulders and flicked the tips of her ears. She trembled and couldn’t move. It was as if movement would bring the buckling of the ice and send her into the freezing abyss below. From what she had already witnessed it was as endless as the vastness above.

Placing pressure on the faulty plateau beneath her she inched forward. More cracking. She exhaled.

“So this is your lesson huh?” Embittered she bit her lip wishing she hadn’t spoken so callously and even more, so harshly. She was afraid her words would reverberate and cause everything around her to collapse. She closed her eyes and wished she had held her tongue like her Elders had taught her.

“You knew well enough what was to come from your venture, from your digging” the Wind’s words seemed more caustic this time around.

“Every person has a right to know their origins” She herself laughed at this atrocity. The Wind, in jest, laughed with her.

“Child it is something the four directions decide not humans. You are always in a rush to figure everything out you have no patience” The Wind snapped back sending ice particles into her squinted eyes. She could feel the beginnings of frost bite grazing her skin. It stung and felt like a razor blade making little knicks against her cheeks. Her punishment was slowly coming to fruition.

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